About the Literature Section

The Literature section of Fides Quaerens exists to promote the creation and analysis of literary  works from a distinctly Christian perspective. We believe, with G.K. Chesterton, that “fiction is a necessity.” The artist’s pen is a powerful vessel for the imagination God has given man, as there is perhaps no other tool so capable of captivating the human heart. As such, we believe it is integral that great literary works—whether classical or contemporary —are read through the lens of the Christian tradition. Our hope is that robust, academic discourse and criticism would stimulate the desire for creative writing within the confessional Christian community and encourage the proliferation of Christian literature.

With the conviction that no project of cultural engagement is complete without a sense of contemporary mediums, the literature we seek to engage is not confined to written works. Visual and audial art forms such as television, movies, and music are all in a real sense today’s literature. Therefore, we hope to promote critical, Christian engagement of new literary mediums.

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